Future home´s are smart and ecologically planned. Home´s can be designed for customers individual needs. Luxury home´s or just a common house for family. In both options combines PolarLifeHaus quality and respect of our nature trough process from factory to customer.






Csn-Services Oy produces quality construction services for PolarLifeHaus customers as an part of PolarLifeHaus subcontractor network.

For us PolarLifeHaus is our most important employer and partner.




What makes us different

High-class & Better?


What we promise, we also keep it. We always give the customer a realistic price estimate. Hiding costs in our offers is not part of our principles. Reliability, quality and customer satisfaction are important for us.


The right attitude to work, as well as the determination to follow instructions and regulations, is a component of high quality outcome. Valuing and succeeding in your own professional skills creates positivity.


Maintenance, inspection, and maintenance of tools and machines are part of safety at work. High quality tools have a great impact on the outcome and smooth running of the work.


Materials are often the largest cost item in the project. The materials should be suitable for use and their choices should always be directed to a professional.

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Tought´s and feedback from our customers!

Owner of the Wave.Managing DirectorJanuary 30th 2018

CSN-Services Oy handled the job with professionalism.

As a developer, resident and owner of Wave, I can conclude that CSN-Services has worked on our site very professionally and ambitiously. Our project was unique in its  details of designing. Season in the outside was  more than challenging, but when the innovativeness and precision encountered the result was a truly high-class quality.

PolarLifeHaus and Architect Seppo Mäntylä designing was implemented in the winter, in really challenging conditions and this increases the value of the work. Workplace cleanliness and quality tools are also a major part of the success of this style Project. In all respect of which, Csn-Services has been an example of high-class work quality.

Now, half a year later the completion of the project, I can not be anything but gratified with the performance of our entire team, from the design table to the end result.

In my opinion, working in this kind of project is also a great deal of interaction between people and the exploration of many alternatives that builds a sustainable design in a constructive, professional and creative environment.

Petri PalkinenManaging DirectorArctice Oy, Snowmanworld19th of June 2018

As an Snowmanworld´s owner

I have been very pleased with the cooperation CSN-Services Oy. My first contact with CSN-Services Oy came in the summer of 2017, when I was recommended directly from the Polarlifehaus factory about the services of CSN for installations to my first construction project. I was in contact with Jari Taskinen, who is responsible for CSN-Services Oy’s projects, and I was able to move forward quickly. It was, in my opinion, demanding, installation of seven Iglu glasses, which due to the timetables needed to be done quickly and safely.

When the glass installation was completed, I immediately offered more work for the project to CSN-Services, but this did not agree at that time with CSN-Services Oy’s work program at that time.

However, we started to cooperate in the winter 2018, when I started planning a new project. This time, the works could be agreed in good time before the start of the project.

Now in June 2018, CSN-Services Oy has completed a new accommodation facility for nozzles and glass installation of approx. 500m2 of igloos. Next, we will start the n.500m2 restaurant and main building works. All of the buildings now being built are delivered by Polarlifehaus.

Architecturally and structurally demanding buildings also require special expertise from their builders. When everything is done correctly and properly right from the start, it also directly affects the later stages of work and the outcome. Quality is one of the most important things for me as an accommodation provider. I have seen CSN-Services work quality also at the Housing Fair 2017.  House Wave, which was the winner of Housing Fair 2017 shows a lot about professionalism.

Now, with regard to the progress of the project I was able to confidently stand by and watch the progress of the work promptly and flexibly, as well as focusing more on my management and enterprise.